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Every Day People, World-Changing Data

You don’t need to be a super-hero, or once in a lifetime genius, to help change the world. You just need to get involved, and contribute to community knowledge. Cumulative information, gathered with the most basic controls and extrapolated from real-world experience, can be more impactful than all of the brilliant ideas the worlds top scientists come up. It’s time to work together and gather the data, so that the top scientists can leverage this information, rather than hypothesizing first and waiting years, or decades, for the data to come. It’s time to help propel health sciences forward at speeds previously believed to be impossible.  



The start of any journey begins with a first step. Register and commit to doing your part in aiding our knowledge regarding what could work, and what probably doesn’t, for improving human health.


Download the Templates

Search and find the templates best suited to your goals, and what YOU want to try. If we don’t have a template for what you’re looking for, shoot us an email. We’ll either add it to our list, or explain why it isn’t already done, possibly due to no good evidence or substantial risk of harm. 


Start the Journey

Begin your self experimentation, and contribute to the growing body of evidence. Feel proud that you are doing your part to advance society’s collective knowledge.