The World is Changing. Consumers today have access to more useable health data than the leading researchers had at their disposal just a few decades ago. Personalized health data streams to our fingertips in an age where more and more researchers realize the future is in personalized medicine. The question becomes, how are we using this information?

Citizens today can help drive scientific knowledge at an unprecedented rate. The cumulative data, and knowledge, citizen scientists- everyday people, can contribute is almost unfathomable. The key word is contribute. It’s time to take control of our health information and share it with the world. It’s time to explore our physiology with purpose, to find what truly works for us, and what can help others.

At myjourney.science we embody both the name of our website, and the name of our journal: “The Journal of Citizen Health Scientists.” We all have the opportunity to contribute to science while learning about ourselves, on our own journey.

Here you will find tutorials on how best to monitor your progress on new therapies, diets, supplements our routines. You will find databases of results of others who have gone down similar journeys, and you will be able to see who amongst us has truly stepped up to the plate and recorded their experiences in the most critical and thoughtful ways, in order to follow their journey’s, also.

Get registered. Download the templates, and commit to starting your own journey and putting your own foot print in science, and collective human knowledge.